The Toronto Aircrew Association




The Aircrew Association (ACA) exists to foster comradeship amongst those, who having been awarded an official flying badge, have qualified to perform duties in the air related to the flying of the aircraft or the operation of equipement, weapons, or systems fundamental to the military role of the aircraft. Membership is available also to qualified persons of other nations subject to approval by the Executive Council (UK). Toronto Branch is one of the many branches of the ACA and you must be a member of the parent body in the UK to be a regular member of the Toronto Branch.

The annual membership fee is $35 which covers your membership in the Toronto Branch ($11) and the ACA parent in the UK ($24). Applicants are asked to complete the ACA UK and Toronto Branch application forms and mail them together with a cheque (payable to the Aircrew Association) in the amount of $35 to Don Peterson, 25 Valentine Dr. Don Mills, ON M3A 3J7 (our Membership Chairman). Our Treasurer will forward your UK application  and fee to the Hon. Registar in Southport (UK) who will process it and mail your membership card to us. We will forward it to you after recording the details on our Branch records. This process normally takes about two months, however, your membership in the Toronto Branch is effective the date we receive your cheque and approve your application.

 Date of Application__________________                           ACA#____________(issued by UK)


Name_____________________________________________Spouse’s Name________________

(underline the given name you prefer to be called by and add any nickname you would like us to use)

Date and Place of Birth_________________________________________________________

Branches of the Aramed Forces___________________________________________________

Served from/to________________________________________________________________



We will copy the details of your military service from your ACA UK application form. We also would like to include your profile in our website, and we ask that your complete the section overleaf to give us the additional information the we need for the website. Include details of your most memorable flights and experiences including escape and evasion, prisoner of war and other notable war and postwar service related stories. A picture of you in uniform or a crew photo  would be very helpful. You may add any information or comments that you consider relevant, and use extra pages as necessary. Please call our website manager Bert Coles (905) 841 1043 if you have any questions.